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What Foods Have Natural Antibiotics

Natural Antibiotics: Foods That Work As Antibiotics

My Top 10 Natural Antibiotic Foods | Eric Bakker

Antibiotics are a category of drugs that changed the world and saved countless lives. They are medically referred to as “antimicrobials,” which means they inhibit the growth of bacteria without causing significant damage to the person using them.

The food we eat can harm or heal us, and in the following article, we will discuss foods that act as natural antibiotics or antimicrobials foods that inhibit the proliferation of harmful bacteria, in other words.

One of the biggest problems with understanding which foods offer antibiotic qualities is misinformation. Many people walk away from researching and reading, feeling confused that they have not truly received accurate information. The following information is designed to provide you with a better understanding of which foods offer the best antibiotic properties and what these foods can do for your body.

Popping Antibiotics Like Candy

As you could imagine, the damage to your body increases with the amount of antibiotics you take.

Which is a huge concern since prescription antibiotics have become one of the most over-prescribed medicines today.

And theres no sign its slowing down.

In fact, data from the CDC indicates that

1 of every 3 patients are given antibiotics when they arent even needed.

This behavior is the main reason why antibiotic-resistant bacteria, or superbugs, have developed. And scientists cant figure out how to fight them.

The bottom line is that drug-based antibiotics are causing a significant amount of harm. And their overuse is only making things worse.

Drug-based antibiotics should only be used as a last resort.

Most natural antibiotics, on the other hand, dont cause harm to your digestive system . And they certainly arent over-prescribed.So if you want to fight infection without destroying your health at the same time, here are the top 7 most powerful antibiotics backed by science.

Echinacea Purpurea Or Purple Coneflower

Echinacea purpurea or purple coneflower is both a powerful immune system booster as well as a great natural antibiotic. It has been used by ancient healers to treat infections, wounds, burns, pain, cough, stomach cramps, sore throats, colds, mumps, measles, gonorrhea, snake and insect bites for hundreds of years.

Echinacea is very effective in treating numerous infections, including bacterial infections, such as Streptococcus pyogenes, which can cause strep throat, toxic shock syndrome, and necrotizing fasciitis . It has anti-inflammatory properties and can boost the immune system in times of stress, anxiety, and inflammation. A study has shown that taking ten milligrams of Echinacea per one kilogram of body weight daily for 10 consecutive days will strengthen the immune system by boosting the activity of some white blood cells and help shorten the duration of illnesses that are usually treated with antibiotics.

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Natural Antibiotic Alternative #5aloe Vera

Perhaps youve already experienced the skin-soothing wonder of aloe vera gel.

But beyond its ability to soothe damaged skin, aloe vera has been shown effective in the treatment of gum disease, hypertension, angioedema , asthma, Crohns Disease and ulcerative colitis, diabetes, peptic ulcer, and other skin issues, such as psoriasis, Seborrheic Dermatitis, plaques from the shingles virus, and cuts and scrapes.

Its ability to inhibit the production of reactive oxygen metabolites and inflammatory mediators by human colon epithelial cells makes it effective in treating the symptoms of Crohns Diseasea particularly uncomfortable and often untreatable disease .

It can also help relieve asthma symptoms in sufferers who are not dependent on corticosteroids.

How Are Bacterial Infections Different From Viral Infections Explains Dr Parinita Kaur Consultant Internal Medicine Aakash Healthcare Super Specialty Hospitals

Natural Antibiotics: Foods to Heal Yourself

The critical difference between bacterial and viral infections are in terms of the pathogen — bacterium in the first and viruses in the second. The other key difference is in treatment — while antibiotics can treat a bacterial infection, viral treatments are treated with antivirals. It occurs when there is a spread of a harmful strain of bacteria on or inside the body, which can infect any area of the body. The Viral Infection occurs when there is a presence of the virus in the body.

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Great For: Digestive Health Respiratory Health Immune Function Skin Health

Nigella sativa is a medicinal plant commonly known as black cumin with a long history in traditional systems of medicine such as Ayurveda. Historically, black cumin has been used in conditions involving the respiratory system, digestive tract, kidney and liver function, and immune system.

Much of its therapeutic properties are due to the presence of thymoquinone, a plant compound that has been the focus of many studies. Researchers have also shown antibacterial activity of N. sativa against H. pylori in the digestive system . For a digestive disorder thats notoriously difficult to eradicate, black seed may provide a useful solution.

When battling imbalanced gut flora, an integrative approach can help you get a handle on your gut healthContact your CentreSpringMD provider to learn how.

Black cumin seed is commonly found in an oil, but due to its pungent flavor, many people prefer a softgel form. Black seed oil can also be used topically to support the health and integrity of the skin.

More recently, one study using a combination of honey and Nigella sativa extract, demonstrated increased viral clearance, a decrease in symptom duration, and decrease in overall mortality during the current pandemic .

Never Get Sick Again With These Natural Antibiotics

Feel like youre always getting sick? There are many foods that can act as natural antibiotics, which is a great way to give your immune system a little boost. Natural antibiotics are safe to add to your diet because they dont kill off the good bacteria in your body but fight against the bad bacteria that make you feel ill. Of course, there are times when you will need something stronger and should get an antibiotic pill prescribed. However, it cant hurt to add these effective resources to your diet and use them if you feel an infection coming on.

GarlicGarlic is not only a delicious seasoning for your dishes, but it also has a variety of healing properties. Raw garlic is best an easy way to eat it is to crush it and put it in a salad. Not only does it have natural antibiotic properties, but it also works as a natural antiviral, so it fights off a variety of different illnesses. Its so effective that practitioners of Chinese medicine have been using it for thousands of years. If you get colds and the flu frequently, garlic should always be in your kitchen.

When you eat these foods, make sure you are also consuming foods that contain probiotics to keep the flora in your gut healthy. Its all about balancing your bodys natural biome so that it can heal on its own. Over time, eating these antibiotic foods will help make your body stronger on its own, so that you wont get infections as often.

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Risks Of Natural Antibiotics

Just because something is labeled natural, it is not necessarily safe.

The amounts and concentrations of active ingredients vary among brands of supplements. Read labels carefully. A person should also inform their healthcare provider if they plan to take these supplements.

While cooked garlic is usually safe to consume, research suggests that taking concentrated garlic may the risk of bleeding. This can be dangerous for people facing surgery or taking blood thinners.

Garlic concentrates may also reduce the usefulness of HIV medications.

Certain products should be avoided, including colloidal silver. This substance consists of microscopic pieces of silver suspended in water.

Colloidal silver has been recommended as a treatment for a variety of diseases, including the bubonic plague and HIV. However, according to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, it can be dangerous, and no credible studies back up these uses.

Taking colloidal silver supplements may interfere with the effectiveness of antibiotics and medication used to treat an underactive thyroid gland.

Silver can also build up in the body and turn the skin bluish-gray. This condition is called argyria and is permanent in most people.

Due to the current increase in drug-resistant diseases, most doctors do not prescribe antibiotics unless they are effective and necessary.

Antibiotics are most often prescribed to:

  • scheduled for surgery

Apple Cider Vinegar Antiseptic Anti

Natural Antibiotic Anti inflammatory foods for dogs

Apple cider vinegar has been used for decades as a natural remedy for infections.

The acetic acid it contains gives it anti-inflammatory properties that soothe acne, gout, and osteoarthritis in particular.

Added to your salads or diluted in a glass of water, it will help you treat bloating, belching, heartburn, and skin problems.

When used topically, apple cider vinegar is astringent and antiseptic.

Choose an unpasteurized apple cider vinegar containing the mother to benefit from its virtues.

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The Best Foods To Eat While Taking Antibiotics

Good news: certain foods support good bacteria levels in your body.

These are the best foods to eat while taking antibiotics. By eating them, you reduce or eliminate the side effects common to antibiotic treatment.

Most of these contain either probiotics or prebiotics.

A few of the most common foods to eat while taking antibiotics include:

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Garlic Antibiotic Immunostimulant Antioxidant

Used for millennia, garlic facilitates the elimination of bacteria and viruses without affecting the intestinal flora.

Containing sulfuric components such as allicin and rich in antioxidants, it strengthens the immune system durably.

It is certainly the best natural antibiotic even if it is not to everyones taste.

However, you can benefit from its exceptional virtues by opting for a supplement of odorless garlic like this .

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Natural Antibiotic Alternative #4echinacea

Echinacea has a particular scent that instantly opens up your airways. Thats how you know it is effective for colds, sinus infections, strep-throat and other respiratory issues.

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Echinacea: Antiviral, Immune Stimulant, Inflammation Fighter, Joint Healer, and Treatment for Snake and Spider Bites

The purple coneflower is pretty to grow in your garden and can be made into a tea, extract, juice, powder, or cream for treating a number of infections.

There have been more than 300 scientific investigations on the immune-enhancing effects of Echinaceaone of the most popular herbs in the treatment of the common cold .

Paired with goldenseal, Echinacea helps knock out strep throat. It has also been used to treat a range of problems from skin wounds to dizziness .

The Herbal Drugstore lists treating Lyme disease and vaginalinfections among its uses.

Powerful Natural Sources Of Antibiotics At Home

How to Use the 15 Best (Proven) Natural Antibiotics (Foods &  Herbs)

Posted in Clean POV by Rachel Maser

As more and more antibiotics are becoming far less effective due to the growing number of superbugs resistant to them, its exciting to learn about and use what nature has provided for us to combat illness. Your bodys first line of defense is its own immune system, but sometimes it needs some help in the fight. Here are 5 natural foods and herbs you can easily use to do just that.

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Replenish Your Good Bacteria No Matter What

Sometimes even natural antibiotics can kill off beneficial bacteria .

And since theres so many things were exposed to every day that kills off our gut flora, its important to constantly replenish the healthy bacteria.

This is best achieved through eating fermented foods at least 2-3 times per day. As a form of insurance, you can also take a high-quality probiotic.

Dog Pneumonia Should I Use Conventional Antibiotics Or Natural Antibiotics

Pneumonia can be fatal if left untreated in dogs and cats.

There are a few different types of pneumonia bacterial, inhalant, and viral according to PetcareRx. Conventional antibiotics are recommended to treat pneumonia caused by a bacterial infection, as it can cause death through breathing difficulty that can prevent the brain from receiving oxygen and sepsis.

The vet can perform tests to find the specific bacteria causing the infection and choose a tailor antibiotic. In severe cases, hospitalization is needed.

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What Is A Natural Antibiotic And How Is It Effective/useful

Here are some most potent natural antibiotics Dr Kapil Kochhar:

  • It is nothing but spices and herbs that are directly available from nature which has the properties of reducing the function and spread of unwanted microbes. There is nothing called natural antibiotics as bacteria thrive in nature. However, there are elements in nature that can help prevent infection. Spices like cloves, black pepper and vegetables such as garlic are known for their preventive properties. Some of the most potent natural antibiotics also include ginger, honey, turmeric, neem etc.

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  • The preventive qualities of food items such as honey, turmeric, lemon, and ginger, to name a few, helps our bodies to fight the pathogen if its enters the body and reduce the impact of the infection. However, these immune boosters need to be taken continuously and not for a few days. The natural antibiotics can perform without causing any side-effects to your body and can completely wipe out the presence of unwanted microbes compared to regular antibiotic medications.

What Are The Signs And Treatment Of Bacterial Infection Explains Dr Kapil Kochhar Director

Top 5 Natural Antibiotics
  • Signs of bacterial infection – You can experience general symptoms, such as fever, chills and fatigue. You can also identify redness or swelling on visible parts of the body such as skin, throat, or ears. General symptoms of a bacterial infection are fever, headache, feeling tired and nausea.

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  • Treatment of bacterial infection Some bacterial infections can be resolved quickly even without the requirement of treatment. But, in some cases, bacterial infections need to be treated with antibiotics. The treatment takes place through antibiotics for 3 to 5 days, depending on the nature of the illness.

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Natural Antibiotics To Avoid

I created this list in a specific order. The first 1-3 natural antibiotics are the best, whereas the remedies lower in the list have the least amount of evidence supporting their effectiveness for fighting infections.

That being said, there are a lot of other natural antibiotics out there that should be downright avoided, despite their popularity.

Some of them simply arent effective, whereas others cause significantly more harm than theyre worth.

So heres the list of natural antibiotics you should AVOID:

Boost Immunity 7 Traditional Antibiotics You Must Have In Your Kitchen

As a preventive care in the times of covid-19, include foods such as ginger and clove which are natural antibiotics in your everyday diet.

With the COVID-19 Pandemic on the rise, precautionary measures such as home-quarantine and social distancing have become a necessity. Along with that, the need of the hour is to focus on including traditional foods that act as natural antibiotics into our daily diets.

Its time to invest in our health by taking to foods that we dont normally pay heed to. From spices to fruits, here are the top foods that are natural antibiotics and super helpful in building immunity.

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Natural Antibiotic Alternative #1garlic

Ahh, garlic. That pungent-smelling, mouth-watering clove of antibiotic goodness is my #1 favorite antibiotic alternative.

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  • Herpes

It has even shown promise for destroying three nightmare superbugs:

Robin Cherry writes, Garlic is a broad-spectrum antibiotic, meaning its effective against a wide range of disease-causing bacteria Garlic shows promise against two of the three most dangerous bacterial infections :

Antibiotic resistant gonorrhea and MRSA .

It can help prevent food poisoning by killing E. coli and salmonella.

And it is also shown to boost immunity, helping fight off bacterial infections.

There are many reasons we call garlic miraculous.

Antibiotics From Your Kitchen Cabinet:

8 Natural Antibiotics Found to Fight Bacteria


Honey tops the list of antibiotics and is known for its extensive healing properties. The presence of hydrogen peroxide in honey exhibits strong antibacterial properties. In addition, the high sugar content thwarts the growth of bacteria. Honey is low in pH takes moisture away from the bacteria, thereby making it dehydrated and die out. Apply honey topically over the infected parts or wounds to ease the process of healing.

Garlic Extract

Garlic possesses strong antibacterial properties that work effective against bacteria and prevent fungal infections. Evidence proves that the allium compound in garlic kills both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and is effective in treating intestinal infections causing diarrhoea. Doctors recommend eating two pods of garlic daily to combat various infections.


Clove not only works as an effective antibiotic but can also lessen inflammation and alleviate pain. Studies show that regular intake is an ideal way to prevent infections, including dental problems. It works best in treating food poisoning, oral infections and can be applied topically to heal wounds.


The richness of capsaicin in pepper works as a potential natural antibiotic and is very effective in curing food poisoning and other gastrointestinal infections. Furthermore, capsaicin boosts metabolism and elevates body temperature thereby helping it to fight against viral and bacterial infections.


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How Can You Get Rid Of A Bacterial Infection Without Antibiotics

“Yes, one can get rid of a bacterial infection without antibiotics. If the symptoms are mild, then most people can fight off a bacterial infection entirely. One can develop immunity against bacterial infection, but once infected, and only antibiotics can kill the pathogen. Without using antibiotics, several mild bacterial infections get better on their own. Do you know that antibiotics don’t work for viral infections? For instance, and most sore throats, coughs, flu and colds” says Dr Kapil Kochhar.

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