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Nature’s Antibiotic Colloidal Silver Spray

How Does Colloidal Silver Work

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is said to have broad antibacterial and antiseptic effects when taken orally or placed on a wound.

Its unknown exactly how colloidal silver works. However, research suggests that it attaches to proteins on the cell walls of bacteria, damaging their cell membranes (

8 ).

However, its worth noting that colloidal silver products are not standardized and may have serious side effects.

Commercially available colloidal solutions can vary widely in the way that they are produced, as well as the number and size of the silver particles they contain.


The exact way colloidal silver works is not fully understood. However, its thought that silver can bind to bacterial cells and damage their cell walls and DNA, resulting in cell death.

Some people claim that colloidal silver can help treat bacterial, viral and fungal infections.

Is Colloidal Silver Safe

  • Colloidal silver can cause serious side effects. The most common is argyria, a bluish-gray discoloration of the skin, which is usually permanent.
  • Colloidal silver can also cause poor absorption of some drugs, such as certain antibiotics and thyroxine .
  • The FDA also warned in 1999 that colloidal silver isnt safe or effective for treating any disease or condition.
  • The FDA and the Federal Trade Commission have taken action against a number of companies for making misleading claims about colloidal silver products.

Colloidal Silver A Natural Diy Antibiotic Antiviral

Use Colloidal Silver to Give Yourself a Second Immune SystemA hundred years ago, silver was a part of our diet. It was one of the trace minerals in all our foods. Today, our soils have been destroyed by poisonous chemicals and our crops no longer take up enough trace minerals. Commercial non-organic agriculture destroys the soil organisms that prepare mineral nutrition for plant roots. Now, it takes 26 apples to equal the iron content of just one apple from 1950! Trace minerals, like iron, iodine, cobalt, selenium, and silver are an essential part of our diet. We dont need much, but like iodine, if we dont have these trace minerals, its a major problem. A lack of silver is a major problem because it was one of the trace minerals that gave us a second immune system.

Early versions of colloidal silver were created mechanically by grinding, and it was expensive $100 per ounce in 1930 dollars! Russians created a capsule of powdered silver as an antidote for biological weapons by exploding thin silver wire with high-voltage and current. Now, it can be produced with low-voltage electricity, practically free. For more information, you can download a collection of articles Ive posted at the end of this article. These articles will answer a multitude of questions.

  • Distilled water, one gallon
  • A pint jar , funnel, and paper towels or coffee filters.
  • Three 9V batteries. You can use either alkaline or regular batteries.
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    Micro Silver Vs Nano Silver

    Colloidal silver has nano-sized silver particles while micro-sized silver particles are larger, so they stay put on the surface of the skin without being absorbed and create a long-lasting antimicrobial barrier to shield the wound from bacteria. Unlike colloidal silver, micro-sized particles provide the highest level of safety for silver used in topical health care, resulting in effective antimicrobial action that clings to the skin and hair follicles. The micro-sized particles protect from unwanted germs while boosting the skins natural defenses and maintaining the skins beneficial flora.

    Some topical antimicrobial ointments and spray gels for dogs use micro-silver as a safer alternative to colloidal silver.

    What Is Colloidal Silver Used For

    Absolute Plus Ultimate Colloidal Silver Spray 118ml  Kohepets

    Colloidal Silver is tiny particles of silver suspended in a solution. Small enough to penetrate on a cellular level it kills all types of pathogens. Parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungal spores all succumb to this potent antimicrobial miracle. Silver is one of the most potent weapons we have in the war against disease.

    The detrimental effects silver has against pathogens are why it is used in hospitals. Actual silverware has been used for centuries to help fight food borne illness. By taking these germ fighting properties of silver and suspending them in a liquid we have a very versatile and effective household arsenal to aid against the war on germs.

    Some common uses for Colloidal Silver are:

    • As a tonic to help boost the immune system and to help ward against colds and flu
    • Spray on wounds for faster healing and to help reduce scarring
    • Topically to help relieve symptoms of jock itch, thrush and yeast infections
    • For treating symptoms of eye ear nose and throat infections
    • Dab or spray onto ringworm boils or warts to promote faster healing
    • Reduce pneumonia and bronchitis symptoms by using Colloidal Silver with a nebulizer
    • Help combat staph infection including MRSA an especially antibacterial resistant strain

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    How Much Colloidal Silver Do I Need

    Colloidal silver is also said to be capable of treating fungal infections. One test-tube study showed it may stop the growth of some strains of fungi . However, many things can kill fungi in a lab, and this doesn’t mean that colloidal silver can treat fungal infections in humans. At the moment, there is little evidence to support the claim that colloidal silver is a reliable topical antifungal agent. Additionally, no studies have investigated the effects of ingesting colloidal silver on fungal infections in humans.

    Summary colloidal silver is claimed to have antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. However, there is currently no evidence that colloidal silver has any of these health benefits. ). Its present in very tiny amounts in drinking water, the food supply and even the air you breathe. As a compound, the silver found in the environment is thought to be quite safe. However, the environmental and health risks of silver nanoparticles are not well understood, and ingesting colloidal silver is considered unsafe. The biggest risk associated with chronic exposure to colloidal silver is argyria.

    Mode Of Antimicrobial Action Of Silver

    The actual mechanism of toxicity of nanosilver is proposed to be the sum of various mechanisms and hence termed as multimodal action. Silver is known to react with nucleophilic amino acid residues in proteins, and attach to sulfydryl, amino, imidazole, phosphate and carboxyl groups. It causes bacterial cell wall damage and disruption of cytoplasmic membrane leading to leaching of metabolites, interferes with DNA synthesis, denatures proteins and enzymes , binds to ribosomes and inhibits protein synthesis, interferes with electron transport system and is involved in the production of reactive oxygen species . The primary mode of silver toxicity is its potential to release silver ions. Irrespective of the form of the silver used, a major characteristic that will affect the microbicidal effect of the silver is the concentration of silver ions released. The nano form with its large surface area to volume ratio has high potential for release of silver ions . All forms of silver including silver compounds and silver salts have potential to release silver ions. Even the biocidal effect of elemental silver is due to formation of silver ions at low concentration on its surface.

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    Colloidal Silver For Dogs Dosage For Dogs

    When it comes to colloidal silver, the difference between safety and toxicity is the dose. The recommended colloidal silver dosage depends on the dogs body weight. For example, small dogs can take 5 ml and large dogs up to 10 ml of colloidal silver, two to three times per day for as much as ten days.

    Here are some practical dosing guidelines:

    • Dogs weighing 2 to 10 pounds 1/16 teaspoons
    • Dogs weighing 11 to 25 pounds 1/8 teaspoons
    • Dogs weighing 26 to 40 pounds 1/4 teaspoons
    • Dogs weighing 41 to 55 pounds 1/2 teaspoons
    • Dogs weighing 56 to 80 pounds 3/4 teaspoons
    • Dogs weighing 81 to 100 pounds 1 teaspoon
    • Dogs weighing 101 to 150 pounds 1 1/4 teaspoons
    • Dogs weighing 151 to 200 pounds and over 1 1/2 teaspoons

    Conjugations With Existing Drugs

    Nature’s antibiotic colloidal silver, kills bacteria, cures MRSA, malaria, tooth decay

    Research in 2018 into the treatment of central nervous system infections caused by free-living amoebae such as Naegleria fowleri and Acanthamoeba castellanii, tested the effectiveness of existing drugs as well as the effectiveness of the same drugs when they were conjugated with silver nanoparticles. In vitro tests demonstrated more potent amoebicidal effects for the drugs when conjugated with silver nanoparticles as compared to the same drugs when used alone. They also found that conjugating the drugs with silver nanoparticles enhanced their anti-acanthamoebic activity.

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    Fraudulent Products Marketed During The Covid

    The US Food and Drug Administration has issued warning letters to firms including colloidal silver marketers for selling products with false and misleading claims to prevent, treat, mitigate, diagnose or cure coronavirus disease 2019 .

    In 2020, televangelistfelonJim Bakker was sued by the Missouri Attorney General for marketing colloidal silver products and making false claims about their effectiveness against COVID-19. The Attorney General of New York sent a cease and desist order to Bakker and others about peddling the unproven products that was compared to selling “snake oil“, and the Food And Drug Administration also warned Bakker about his actions.

    Controversial web show host, podcaster and conspiracy theoristAlex Jones was also warned by the New York Attorney Generalâs office to stop marketing his colloidal silver infused products because he made unproven claims of its ability to fend off COVID-19.

    The Rediscovery Of A Super Antibiotic

    Colloidal silver appears to be a powerful, natural antibiotic and preventative against infections. Acting as a catalyst, it reportedly disables the enzyme that one-celled bacteria, viruses and fungi need for their oxygen metabolism. They suffocate without corresponding harm occurring to human enzymes or parts of the human body chemistry. The result is the destruction of disease-causing organisms in the body and in the food.

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    Colloidal Silver Is Extremely Effective Against Periodontal Disease: But Give Enough

    Treat any and all of your kitty cat’s mouth and dental concerns as well as stomatitis with colloidal silver, as much as you can get into them. Seriously! Large doses are the secret to these issues. DO NOT be concerned about giving too much. Trust me. It is not going to hurt them. Dont listen to all these other posts saying give 3-5 drops. What? That might be enough for a small baby rodent.

    Fight gingivitis, red gums, and plaque buildup by applying colloidal silver directly to the kittys teeth and gums, either with an oral syringe, or a gauze pad or soaked cotton ball.

    This may require wearing protective gloves. Cats are often not that cooperative. You might first try to get them to just drink it on their own instead of water.

    Stomatitis and gingivitis are closely linked. Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gums, most noticeably where the teeth and the gums meet. If the gingivitis is not addressed, the infection can extend to the rest of the cats mouth and even into the back of the throat, when it then becomes stomatitis, an even worse condition. So do treat it asap!

    Because Nature Knows Best It Even Has Its Own Antibiotic

    Colloidal Silver Spray 100ML

    Colloidal Silver Power Spray is a must have for all pet owners first aid kits! A natural power spray to aid in the healing of fungal, viral and bacterial issues.

    Colloidal Silver which boast that is able to kill over 650 different bugs and virus is useful in helping treat inflammation, wounds, fever, eye infections, burns, ringworms, parasites, digestive disorders and yeast infections.

    Its perfect for cleaning wounds and as an antiseptic, use it on the bandages of your pet to reduce the risk of developing opportunistic infections and its gentle enough to use it on fresh stitches which is why we recommend it for every dog owner to have in their first dog aid box and the bonus is that it can also be used on our two legged friends as well.

    • Power spray for all fungal, viral and bacterial issues
    • Contains good quality crystal clear 20 PPM colloidal silver
    • Potent 20 PPM trigger spray covers large areas quickly and easily
    • 100 Percent natural and environment-friendly


    Ingredients: 99.99% pure silver and 7 stage water filtration 20 Parts Per Million

    Directions For Use:

    Spray to desired area and gently clean with a cotton pad using a clean pad for each wipe. Thereafter spray to affected area liberally and leave to air dry.

    Avoid spraying into eyes as this could startle your dog and frighten them.

    Top Tip for use close to eyes: remove lid and soak a cotton pad in the fluid before cleaning the desired area.

    Always do a small patch 24 hours prior to use on your dog stomach.

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    Colloidal Silver Dosage For Cats

    Theres one thing you have probably noticed about felines when they are not feeling well. They like to self-medicate.

    They will do this if they have access outside to a variety of healthy, non-sprayed plants and grasses. When they are not feeling right they somehow know instinctively what they need.

    Many cat owners offer colloidal silver to their cats in a small bowl alongside their water, or instead of their water. Typically if they need it they will just lap it right up.

    If they dont like to drink much water you can try letting them lick it off an eyedropper. If that is not working either, then you may have to put it on their food or give it straight into the mouth with an oral syringe.

    For virulent diseases we recommend a dosage of one oral syringeful three to seven times per day for ten days, then a syringeful twice per day for four more days. Some ailments require more aggressive treatment. In most cases the more you can get in them, the faster the healing takes place. Do not be afraid of giving too much.

    Our Final Thoughts On Colloidal Silver For Dogs

    Although not a science-based medication, colloidal silver is a commonly recommended cure in the pet parent community. Sadly, there are not many scientific papers backing up the use of colloidal silver for dogs.

    While there are plenty of anecdotal reports about benefits, there are also some significant side effects and risks. Based on current knowledge, the general consensus is that the topical use of colloidal silver is much safer than the more marketed oral use.

    Keep in mind that Colloidal silver is a holistic product and the data provided in this article is purely informative. In more practical terms, it is imperative to talk to your vet before use.

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    Safety Tips On Buying Colloidal Silver For Dogs

    If shopping for colloidal silver products for dogs, we suggest the Vet Recommended Colloidal Silver for Dogs & Cats. It is a 100% safe, powerful, and pure formula. Plus, it is extremely easy to use, and it can be sprayed topically or added to the drinking water.

    It is important to remember that not every colloidal silver product available on the market is safe for your pet. Since colloidal silver is not FDA approved for dogs, its production is wildly unregulated.

    Basically, there are three primary safety considerations:

    • Positively Charged Silver the higher the ratio of positively charged silver, the better the product
    • Parts per Million higher ppm is not indicative of better product
    • Product Form ionic silver, gels, and salts are less efficient and more toxic

    Our top pick, the Vet Recommended Colloidal Silver for Dogs & Cats, contains 98% positively charged silver and features ten ppm silver particles. Plus, it is made in the USA.

    How To Give Colloidal Silver To Dogs


    You can use give your dog colloidal silver orally, topically, or via inhaling. Each administration method has different effects and indications.

    When going for oral use, simply drop the colloidal silver into your dogs mouth multiple times per day for ten days. Colloidal silver tastes like regular drinking water, so your pet should have no problem taking it.

    For topical application, you can either spray the colloidal silver or use it as a compress. It does not sting or burn, so you do not have to worry about causing discomfort to your pet. This is good news considering the fact you need to apply the colloidal silver several times per day.

    Finally, nebulizing the colloidal silver is recommended when treating the lungs . You should mist your dog with colloidal silver for around fifteen minutes.

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    Benefits And Uses Of Colloidal Silver For Dogs

    The benefit of colloidal silver is that it kills pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and fungi in dogs. To make things simpler, lets review some popular colloidal silver uses in dogs below.

    Colloidal Silver for Dog Eye Infections. Colloidal silver can be used to treat eye problems in dogs, such as inflammation and infection. It is painless so that colloidal silver drops can be applied directly to your dogs eyes.

    Colloidal Silver for Dog Ear Infection. When applied directly to the dogs ears, the colloidal silver drops can fight off ear infections and manage the painful inflammation .

    Colloidal Silver for Dog Yeast Infection. Topically applied colloidal silver can be used for yeast infections such as ringworm in dogs. It has a soothing effect that will calm the infection and the ability stimulate tissues renewal.

    Colloidal Silver for Dog Skin Allergies. Colloidal silver is believed to have a soothing effect on dogs with allergies. Namely, when sprayed, it can reduce the itchiness and skin dryness that cause pain and discomfort.

    Colloidal Silver for Dog Wounds. Colloidal silver can be used in the management of skin infections and skin injuries . This is because, in addition to killing bacteria, it has soothing and healing powers.

    Colloidal Silver for Dog Respiratory Infections. When colloidal silver is turned into a mist by using a nebulizer, it can be used to treat certain respiratory problems such as pneumonia, bronchitis, and asthma.

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