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Natural Alternative To Antibiotics For Uti

What To Expect At Your Provider’s Office

How to PREVENT UTI | 5 Natural Ways to AVOID Repeat Bladder Infection

Your health care provider will feel your abdomen and kidneys for changes and use laboratory tests, such as a urine culture, to find out if you have a UTI. If the usual treatments do not work, your provider will explore the possibility that you have some other condition. Other illnesses, such as sexually transmitted diseases , can cause symptoms that mimic a UTI.

What Is A Bladder Infection Or Urinary Tract Infection

A bladder infection or urinary tract infection or cystitis means an infection of the bladder. A one-off infection is certainly nothing to worry about. But, if you are having one or more bladder infections per year, you want to be more proactive about preventing them. Also, you want to treat the root cause as to why you are susceptible to them. Antibiotic use sets you up for bigger problems like antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and gut and immune system problems. Bladder infections are common in pregnant and elderly women. They also happen after a period of frequent intercourse, also called Honeymoon Cystitis. Emptying the bladder immediately after intercourse will sometimes help prevent this type of urinary tract infection.

Small Compounds Targeting Bacterial Capsule

Polysaccharide capsule biogenesis plays an important role in UPEC virulence. Like other pathogens, the capsule is used as a defense against opsonophagocytosis and complement-mediated killing . The capsule is also involved in the formation of biofilm and the formation of intracellular bacterial communities . Until now, the human use of small-molecule inhibitors of UPEC capsule biogenesis was not available because of their antigenicity and poor bioavailability . Nevertheless, mouse studies identified two active agents , that caused significant bacterial death .

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A Quick Word About The Role Of Herbal Remedies For Uti And Antibiotics

Many herbal remedies for UTI are synergistic with antibiotics, improving the effects of the antibiotics and decrease antibiotic resistance.

For example, uva ursi improves the effect of antibiotics like Keflex.

Rosemary and milk thistle also reduce antibiotic resistance and green tea, with its high levels of antioxidants also blocks a common pathway antibiotics use to gain resistance . This is very useful for people who have UTIs that are resistant to many different antibiotics.

Of course, always touch base with your doctor if you are taking antibiotics as some herbal remedies, especially at higher doses can interact with modern medicines and cause side effects.

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    Do Natural Treatments Really Work For Utis The Experts Weigh In

    Dirk Gently S Holistic Detective Agency: Holistic Remedies For Uti

    Want a fast fact to bust out at your next party? Forty percent of women will get a urinary tract infection at some point in their lives. Bono MJ, et al. . Urinary tract infection. Fun, right? OK, nothing involving urine and tracts will ever be a particularly fun point of conversation, but its worth knowing the ins and outs of this incredibly common ailment. Especially since 20 percent of women who get a UTI will get another one.

    Most of the time, UTIs require a treatment of antibiotics to get the bugs out of your system. This is a perfectly effective treatment, and it usually takes care of the infection in a few days. But, if youd rather not use antibiotics, since theres some concern about creating antibiotic-resistant strains of the infection, what options do you have? I spoke to some experts to find out if there are any natural cures for a UTI and if all that talk about cranberry juice really lives up to the hype.

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    How Probiotics Work For Utis

    The ways in which probiotics may help prevent infection of the urinary tract are still not fully understood.

    Pathogens that cause infection in the urinary tract typically originate from the intestine, then colonize the entrance of the vagina and the opening of the urethra. From there, a UTI can escalate to the bladder and kidneys.

    There are around 50 microbial species that inhabit the vaginal tract and hundreds found in bladders. These different species play an important role in the prevention of infection.

    When the healthy balance is disrupted, it increases the susceptibility to colonization in the vagina and urinary tract by pathogens.

    Specific species of probiotics can help restore beneficial levels of good bacteria and make it more difficult for pathogens to multiply.

    It is believed probiotics may help prevent infection in part by maintaining the optimal vaginal pH and by producing antimicrobials that kill pathogens.

    They may also alter the surfaces of the vagina or bind to the pathogens themselves and reduce the ability of pathogens to adhere.

    Small Compounds Targeting Adhesion

    As previously noted, one of the critical mechanisms for the pathogenesis of the uropathogenic bacteria is its adhesion to uroepithelium , due to fimbriae , playing a role in both cystitis and pyelonephritis . The very conserved structure of the adhesive organelles makes them good candidates to develop antibacterial agents . The small molecules targeting adhesion can be classified into two categories: those inhibiting the capacity of adhesion of the fimbriae, and those targeting fimbriae assembly.


    The main action of these molecules is to prevent the formation of UPEC pili by decreasing the levels of Type 1 and P piliation . Pilicides are small molecules which have a ring-fused 2-pyridone backbone. Some pilicides act directly on pili assembly chaperones, through adhering to their hydrophobic substrate binding sites . Others interfere with the transcription of pili genes and some cases genes involved in flagella biogenesis such as the pilicide ec240, the most potent inhibitor of Type 1 piliation and of type 1 pilus-dependent biofilm formation to date .

    To develop this compound into a therapeutic, further studies are needed to assess its pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics and to determine the concentration at which it accumulates in the bladder or other potential sites of infection.

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    Natural Antibiotic Alternative #14honey

    Weve read the studies that claim bacteria can protect each other and resist antibiotics, but honey breaks up bacteria as it kills it, making it impossible for bacteria to evolve into resistant strains.

    Healing Remedies lists honey as a key component in treating hay fever, asthma, cuts and scratches, sore throat, laryngitis, tonsillitis, cough, Emphysema, cataracts, fatigue, athletes foot, leg cramps, headaches, heart conditions, indigestion, acne, sores and lesions, skin problems, sleep disorders, stress, tension, and anxiety, teeth, gum, and mouth issues, and ulcers.

    Eating local honey can also help alleviate allergies to local pollen, as the pollen is used to make the honey. Ingesting it can help you become inured to the pollen in the air.

    Urinary Tract Infection In Women

    Top Natural Remedies for a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)

    Urinary tract infections are caused by bacteria and are 10 times more common among women than men. More than 50% of women will have at least one UTI during their lifetime. Most of these infections require treatment with antibiotics. About 30% to 40% of UTIs recur within 6 months after the initial episode. When UTIs do recur, it is often because the treatments used to suppress bacteria seem to work at first, but they do not produce a lasting cure. UTIs can also recur if a woman is infected by different bacteria.

    • Pain or burning during urination
    • The need to urinate more often than usual
    • A feeling of urgency during urination
    • Blood or pus in the urine
    • Cramps or pain in the lower abdomen
    • Chills or fever
    • Strong smelling urine
    • A new sex partner or multiple partners
    • More frequent or intense intercourse
    • Diabetes
    • Use of irritating products, such as harsh skin cleansers
    • Use of irritating contraceptives, such as diaphragms and spermicides
    • Use of birth control pills
    • Heavy use of antibiotics
    • A blockage in the urinary tract
    • A history of UTIs, especially if infections are less than 6 months apart
    • Incontinence

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    Always Research Uti Natural Remedies Before You Try Them

    While we are firm believers in a holistic approach to health, there are a number of reasons a scattered approach to UTI home remedies is unlikely to be effective

  • Most UTI home remedies are not supported by scientific evidence
  • The lack of research around home remedies means dosage information is inadequate
  • Those remedies that have been studied often target a specific organism one that may not be the cause of your UTI
  • The quality of many supplements is questionable, and thorough research is required before selecting an option.
  • Natural Antibiotic Alternative #9turmeric

    This bright orange spice, commonly used in Indian cuisine, is good for just about everything you can think of that would normally require the consumption of antibiotics.

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    Research shows turmeric reduces liver toxicity, boosts the gallbladders performance, helps metabolize fat and reduce bad cholesterol, and may slow the progression of Alzheimers disease .

    Turmerics active ingredient, curcumin, has been shown to treat osteoarthritis, psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disease, gallstones, and has even shown promise in treating HIV/AIDS.

    Curcumin has been shown to inhibit HIV integrase, the enzyme that integrates a double-stranded DNA copy of the RNA genome, synthesized by reverse transcriptase into a host chromosome .

    It is an effective anti-inflammatory, which makes it effective in treating psoriasis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and sports injuries.

    Add it to recipes, make it into tea, or brush your teeth with a combination of turmeric and coconut oil to whiten and fortify your teeth. You can also add honey and hot water to help soothe symptoms of the common cold .

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    What The Probiotics Research Tells Us

    Given the close relationship between vaginal flora and UTI, studies often cover both and you will note this in the results below. Studies have focussed on evaluating the use of oral probiotics, as well as probiotic vaginal pessaries, with some very promising results.

    Probiotics studies:

    • The effectiveness of different strains of probiotics on vaginal health
    • Whether different strains of probiotics reduce the recurrence of UTI
    • A comparison of the effectiveness of oral and vaginal probiotics

    What was found:

    • Specific Lactobacilli strains may prevent adherence, growth, and formation of uropathogenic bacteria.
    • The use of vaginal pessaries with Lactobacillus crispatus in premenopausal females was associated with a significant reduction in recurrent UTI.
    • Oral capsules with Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus reuteri in postmenopausal females are promising.
    • Probiotics containing Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus fermentum were shown to normalize the vaginal flora, reduce recurrence of UTI, and may be a possible long-term therapy for pregnant females and those susceptible to UTI.
    • Insertion of Lactobacilli into the vagina provides a better cure rate than using an antibiotic alone.
    • For some females, up to 77%, episodes of recurrent UTI may be reduced for at least one year after discontinuing use of vaginal probiotics.
    • In vitro studies have shown that Lactobacillus strains can disrupt bacterial vaginosis and yeast biofilms and inhibit the growth of urogenital pathogens.

    Interpreting Home Test Results

    Quick Relief From Your Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)Causes and ...

    These tests work similarly to a pregnancy test, using a test strip that a person wets with fresh urine.

    After 12 minutes, the test strip will change color, indicating whether a UTI is present. A person must match the color of the test strip pads to the color blocks on the foil pouch in the test kit.

    Most strips test for leukocytes and nitrites. Some also check pH levels.

    Leukocytes are a type of white blood cell that helps the body fight off infection. Healthy urine contains chemicals called nitrates that can turn into nitrites if an infection is present. Therefore, the presence of leukocytes or nitrites in the urine is often a sign of a UTI.

    Lastly, some home strips test pH levels. Healthy urine is slightly acidic, with a pH value in the range of . A pH level of 8.5 or 9 can indicate the presence of an infection and, therefore, a UTI.

    If a home test is positive for any of these indicators, an individual likely has a UTI.

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    The 3 Most Powerful Natural Antibiotics For A Uti


    D0 natural antibiotics for a UTI work?

    In my experience, the ones youll find below definitely do.

    This post contains affiliate links. to read my affiliate policy.

    It usually starts with a sudden and frequent need to visit the potty. When you get there, you only can squeeze a little bit of urine, followed by a painful burning sensation in your bladder and/or urethra.

    In more extreme cases you may end up with fever, chills, back pain, and even blood in your urine.

    In a hurry? Jump to the BEST natural antibiotic for a UTI

    And so it goes on for days until you give up and run to the doctor to get your antibiotics.

    Page Contents

  • 7 Best Probiotics for Recurrent UTIs
  • Natural Remedy For Cystitis has selected from Les 3 Chênes laboratory a natural remedy for cystitis based on plant extract : Gystinat.

    This supplement contains heather. This plant is known to promote kidney elimination. Associated with thyme, this synergy sanitize the urinary sphere. It will help to limit the risk of UTI.

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    Are Bananas Good For Utis

    The American Urological Association calls bananas a bladder-friendly food. Thats because bananas arent likely to irritate the bladder in most people. Other bladder-friendly fruits and veggies include: pears, green beans, winter squash, and potatoes. While eating bananas may help to lessen bladder irritation, eating bananas alone wont make a UTI go away.

    Why You Should Consider Alternatives To Antibiotics

    Top Remedies for a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection: Updated)

    Antibiotics destroy your dogs intestinal flora.

    Recent research shows that much of the beneficial bacteria in the gut is destroyed forever even if you give your dog probiotics after antibiotic use.

    Dr Martin Blaser of New York Universitys Langone Medical Center spoke to this.

    He argues that the long term impact of antibiotics on gut bacteria is so serious medicine should consider restricting antibiotics for pregnant women and young children.

    Early evidence from my lab and others hints that, sometimes, our friendly flora never fully recover. These long-term changes to the beneficial bacteria within peoples bodies may even increase our susceptibility to infections and disease. Overuse of antibiotics could be fuelling the dramatic increase in conditions such as obesity, type 1 diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, allergies and asthma, which have more than doubled in many populations.

    Previous studies looked at farm animals and antibiotic use. They showed an increase in antibiotic resistance in animals who take the drugs. This resistance also extended to the people who worked on the farms where those animals live.

    Even when farmers stop using the drugs resistance persists for years. Thats because mothers pass drug-resistant flora down to their offspring for generations.

    And these arent the only problems with antibiotics.

    Anti = Suppression

    So its best to save antibiotics for serious, even life-threatening illnesses.

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    Take An Otc Pain Reliever

    Over-the-counter pain medications can temporarily relieve pain caused by a UTI. Use caution here, and always speak with a doctor first, as some UTIs can turn into kidney infections. In these cases, patients should avoid taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs , which could make the infection worse.

    The New Alternative Way To Clear Utis In Kids: D

    Moms, who have experienced all of these problems themselves, have started to share information about an all-natural supplement, known as D-Mannose, which is proven to be is safer and more effective than antibiotics in clearing UTIs in children and teenagers.

    D-Mannose is a simple sugar, a close cousin of glucose. It is extracted from fruits and converted into a white powder form. It is most effective with E Coli bacterial infections, which represent 85% of all UTIs.

    When mixed with water or juice, D-Mannose completely dissolves and has no taste, making it easy to get children to take. It goes directly to the bladder where the sugar molecules bind to the E Coli bacteria and flush them out with the urine. Relief from active UTI symptoms is fast, typically within a few hours.

    D-Mannose has been recommended by naturopathic doctors for years as an alternative to antibiotics for children. Below is an excerpt from an article by Doctor Jonathan Wright at the Tacoma Clinic in WA that illustrates the safety and effectiveness of D-Mannose for children.

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    When To See A Healthcare Provider

    If you suspect that you have a UTI, consult your healthcare provider as soon as possible.

    Even mild infections can quickly worsen and spread to other parts of your body, potentially leading to very serious health consequences.

    Thus, attempting to diagnose and treat yourself for a UTI without the guidance of a medical professional is not recommended.

    Instead, communicate openly and let your healthcare provider know if youre interested in trying herbal alternatives instead of antibiotics. They will be able to help you create the safest, most effective treatment plan for your infection.


    Even mild UTIs can quickly worsen and cause more serious complications. Thus, its important to seek help from a qualified healthcare professional and discuss your desire for a more natural treatment plan.

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