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What Are Natural Antibiotics For Dogs

Coconut Oil Antibiotic: Does It Work

Natural Antibiotics For Dog Home Remedy (The 3 BEST And How To Use Them)

Coconut oil is a topical and oral antimicrobial, which prevents the growth of bacteria, viruses, and fungi according to the Pet Dermatology Clinic. It also helps with healing wounds and can be taken internally to help with gastrointestinal problems.

Coconut oil is a safe ingredient in correct amounts, often used in shampoos and even dog treats. When using coconut oil topically, the Pet Dermatology clinic recommends using a pea-sized amount for every ten pounds of body weight, applying it to the skin all the way into the roots. Coconut oil is a great carrier oil for essential oils when used on the skin. Orally 1/4 teaspoon can be used for every 10 pounds of weight.

Coconut oil can also be used in the ear to help clean the ear to prevent infection and mites. Coconut oil can be rubbed or brushed on gums to help prevent periodontal disease.

How Can I Get Antibiotics For My Dog Without Going To The Vet

If you want antibiotics for your pup, you should first ask yourself if natural antibiotics are okay. A great benefit of natural antibiotics is that you can get them from the local grocery in most cases.

A few natural antibiotics such as turmeric supplements are also available over the counter at major pet stores and even online pet stores. There are also several over the counter antibiotics available too. You can call a vet to get great over the counter antibiotics recommendations.

What Are Natural Antibiotics That My Dog Can Take

Throughout history, humans have exploited the medicinal properties of many chemicals that can be found in nature in order to heal wounds and treat illnesses. Many of these substances can be found easily in the average garden and have some surprisingly potent antibiotic properties that can mean the difference between life and death when faced with a bacterial infection. Many of these substances are plant-based and are thus easily cultivated, making them available for purchase in concentrated forms in pharmacies and health food stores. Their effects are also valid for use on dogs, which for many pet owners means that there is a welcome alternative to conventional pharmaceutical antibiotics, which they may oppose on the grounds of the ethics of how they are made, or because of the ingredients that they may contain. Below is a list of three of some of the most common natural antibiotics that you can purchase for your dog.


Oregano Oil


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Chronic Or Recurrent Pyoderma

A prescription for immune support and lymphatic drainage follows:

Echinacea 20%
Blue flag 20%
Calendula 15%
Poke root

A prescription for deep pyoderma is given here:


See also the section on herbs for topical use, especially pertaining to tea tree oil . Tea tree has been shown in human trials to be beneficial in the treatment of acne and Staphylococcus infections , as well as in trials in dogs with dermatitis.

Best Natural Antibiotics For Cats

Natural Antibiotic For Dogs And Cats

When your cat becomes ill due to a bacterial infection, a wound or an abscess, youll probably take her to the vet for checkup and treatment.

Other times, you choose to give her antibiotics for her condition. Unknown to many people, the type of antibiotic you choose really determines the quality of health of your cat going forward.

On one side are synthetic antibiotics, and on the other are the natural ones. Heres why you should opt to help your feline friend with natural antibiotics.

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The Solution: Natural Antibiotics

To help offset these negative effects of antibiotics, we use natural antibiotics to help your furry friend get better from whatever he or she is suffering from. There are a number of natural antibiotics that have been proven to be effective without any potential for the negative side effects we have just described. Here is a look at three of the more common options that people use to nurse their pups back to health and get those tails wagging once more!

A Penicillin Alternative Best Natural Antibiotic

Severe infections may require conventional antibiotics, but there are some natural antibiotics for dogs that can aid the healing process and be an alternative for less severe infections.

Colloidal silver has great antibacterial properties and taken orally, used topically, or injected. According to, it can be used to treat bacterial, viral, and fungal infections.

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Should I Use Conventional Antibiotics Or Natural Antibiotics For Pneumonia In Dogs

Pneumonia can be fatal if left untreated in dogs.

There are a few different types of bacterial, inhalant, and viral pneumonia, according to PetcareRx.

Conventional antibiotics are recommended to treat pneumonia caused by a bacterial infection, as it can cause death from respiratory distress that can prevent the brain from receiving oxygen and sepsis.

Your vet can run tests to find the specific bacteria causing the infection and choose a custom antibiotic.

In severe cases, hospitalization is needed.

What Can They Treat

Best Natural Antibiotics For Dogs (The POWER of Oregano Oil And How To Use It)

It doesnt make sense to tell you how something is really good without proving a word about it. We have already highlighted you on some basic knowledge of antibiotics for dogs, and now it is time to know what they are capable of treating.

Some of the things that can be treated by these antibiotics include skin complications, joint pains and arthritis, constipation, diarrhea, allergies, and wound treatment. It is also imperative to note that the treatments only include but arent limited to what is mentioned above.

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Natural Antibiotics For Dogs Ears

Dog ears are always susceptible to ailments like gunky, smelly, itchy, or even painful auricles. These conditions can be frustratingly hard to get rid of and can leave the dog miserable.

Oil of oregano, a natural antibiotic for do, its perfect to treat ear infections in our furry friends without having any side effects.

Simply mix a drop of oregano oil to half an ounce of pure aloe vera juice and clean the visible parts of the ear with a cotton ball soaked in the mixture.

Herbs For Topical Use

This section presents well-known and less-recognized herbs that are used topically to enhance wound healing, reduce inflammation, and shrink or cause necrosis of tumors. Information on traditional uses comes from the popular herb literature, most of it from King’s American Dispensatory, 1898 version, by Felter and Lloyd. Scientific literature searches were done on Medline, Google, and the websites of the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine and HealthNotes online. Search terms were generally of two types: the word herbal plus the mechanism of action, and the individual herb name, sometimes narrowed with the descriptor topical or topically.

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Diet Is The Primary Way To Manage Your Dogs Gut Health

Good nutrition is one of the cornerstones for overall health, and can help prevent common illnesses, boost the immune system, and positively influence the gut microbiome. There are hundreds of different kinds of gut bacteria in your dogs microbiome, and each kind requires certain nutrients to survive. Therefore, the food your dog eats will influence which bacteria thrive in the gut.

For example, many kibble diets are too high in carbohydrates, which doesnt promote the growth of all beneficial bacteria. In a study where dogs were fed a high-protein, low-fat dog food, the microbiome balance of overweight dogs shifted to a balance associated with healthy weight. Use this calculator to find the hidden amount of carbohydrates and make sure your dogs food has more than 50% protein on a dry matter basis.

If the nutrition in your dogs diet is balanced, yet he or she still has symptoms of digestive health issues, it is possible that a food intolerance or allergy is to blame. Food sensitivities are quite common, and can be resolved with changing your dogs food. It is important to talk to your veterinarian before changing your dogs diet, as some have been linked with certain health issues. Lastly, its important to remember, grain-free and gluten-free diets can still contain high levels of carbohydrates.

Coconut Oil: The Natural Antibiotic For Dogs

Natural ANTIBIOTICS for Dogs / ANTIBIOTICS Alternative for Pets/ Kennel ...

Today, coconut oil has become one of the most popular supplements for humans. And its no wonder why this versatile supplement inherits numerous health benefits that make it almost impossible to ignore. But as beneficial as coconut oil is for humans, can the benefits be beneficial for dogs too? Holistic and naturopathic veterinarians would agree, YES! as coconut oil holds abundant qualities for dogs as well.

There can be great benefits from adding oils to your dogs diet. They contain essential fatty acids and nutrients which are necessary to your dogs health.

So how does coconut oil boost your dogs overall well-being?

Coconut Oil is The Ultimate Antibacterial, Antiviral, and Anti-fungal For Your Dog

Other Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

But thats not all! Coconut oil boasts a handful of other amazing beneficial qualities for your dog.

MCFAs found in coconut oil helps balance the thyroid, which helps overweight dogs lose weight while helping sedentary dogs to feel energetic.

Coconut oil assists in regulating and balancing insulin which can help prevent or control diabetes. It also aids in the prevention of heart disease.

If your dog suffers from kennel cough, coconut oil can even help your dog recover quickly from it.

Aside from helping your dog reduce weight and increase energy. coconut oil also promotes mobility for dogs who suffer from arthritis and other joint issues.

How To Feed Your Dog Coconut Oil

FORTIFY ME Daily Digestive Omega Booster

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What Is The Strongest Natural Antibiotic For Dogs

Many experts would say that the strongest natural antibiotic for dogs is oregano oil. A safe alternative antibiotic for pups, this oil has been shown to successfully treat viral infections, bacterial infections, colds, parasites, and much more. If you want, you can also use this oil to significantly improve your pups oral health.

According to many experts and pet owners, olive leaf extract and apple cider vinegar are tied for the second strongest alternative antibiotics for pups. You can talk with a vet to get more recommendation regarding the strongest alternative antibiotics for your dog.

Natural Remedies For Bruised Or Sore Muscles

Lets say your dog overdid it at the weekend agility trials or tangled with a neighbors dog. You broke up the fight quickly.

Upon inspection of your dog from head to tail, you notice he has bruising on his abdomen caused by pressure of a tooth dragging across the body. However, there is no evidence of any puncture wounds, and your dog is not showing any signs of pain.

Natural treatment option: arnica. This homeopathic medicine is from a sunflower perennial that blooms in the early spring and is also known as Leopards Bane. It is available in pellets, creams and gel forms at health stores.

I recommend giving Arnica 30 c in pellet form to your dog to help with pain and resolve inflammation quickly, Dr. Katz says.

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Ing Advice On Natural Remedies For Dogs:

If a natural remedies for dogs work, more amounts are not always better, and always alert your veterinarian of any home treatment you give your dog.

Our mantra is to do no harm, Dr. Charles says. If there is no fact-based evidence about a natural remedy, then it can do harm. Maintain an open line of communication with your veterinarian to keep your dog safe.

Arden Moore, The Pet Health and Safety Coach, is a pet behavior consultant, master certified pet first-aid instructor, author and host of the Oh Behave Show on Pet Life Radio. Learn more at

Editors note: This article first appeared in Dogster magazine. Have you seen the new Dogster print magazine in stores? Or in the waiting room of your vets office?

Best Natural Alternatives To Antibiotics For Dogs

7 Natural Antibiotics For Dogs and Cats

There are many natural dog antibiotics available in food, oils, plants, and herbs. They are very effective and help your dog to fight against the bacteria with ease. The various natural antibiotics for dogs are the following:

  • Honey â Honey is an effective antibacterial for dogs. It is one of the best foods to heal any bacterial issues of your dog. It is one of the most primitive curable agents and is still used as a perfect home remedy, especially if your dog suffers from stomach problems.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar â The Apple Cider Vinegar is the best natural antiseptic for dogs. You can use it if your dog is suffering from inflammation and infection. It also helps your dog to digest the food easily. If your dog is suffering from an ear infection, you can use it with warm water to flush out the bacteria.
  • Coconut oil: Coconut oil is an ancient medicine that does not have any side effects. You can blindly use natural coconut oil on your dogâs body if it has rough and broken skin. It is beneficial for treating dogâs wound naturally.

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Natural Antibiotics For Dogs Skin Infection

Of all the animal species, dogs seem susceptible to skin infections, particularly the bacterial kind.

This is due to basic structural features, such as poor skin barrier and the alkaline pH of the skin.

Many natural oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, and grapeseed oil have active antibacterial properties. Furthermore, oleic and linoleic acids found in them improve the skin barrier, which prevents future infections.

Herbal Medicine For Dogs: 101

Humans have been using healing herbs for as long as there have been humans and herbs to heal them. Many of those same natural remedies may be effective in treating your dog for a variety of ailments, if used in the right ways. In fact, animal experts have long observed that sick animals in the wild will actually seek out herbs to help them deal with injuries or illness, so advocates of herbal medicine for pets say theyre simply providing the animals with purer and more powerful versions of what theyd find in the wild all by themselves.

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Why Conventional Canine Antibiotics Work

Conventional antibiotics help both humans and animals to get rid of infections and prevent new ones. There are many differences between canine cells and bacterial cells antibiotics attack only the bacteria cells.

A vet can prescribe antibiotics or you can buy antibiotics online in Canada. Canine antibiotics can be used to fight bacterial infections in the body and may need to be used alongside anti-inflammatory drugs. Ear, eye, and skin infections are common in dogs.

Respiratory or other internal infections need to be treated orally and can be fatal if not treated.

Natural Antibiotics For Dogs During Pregnancy

Natural Antibiotic for Dogs

Even human beings are discontinued and prohibited from undertaking certain types of medication. Therefore, your dog also needs to stop using antibiotics when pregnant because she is also a mammal, and therefore it can affect the pregnancy.

Moreover, no one has done extensive research on natural remedies on pregnant dogs and the developing offspring yet. It would, therefore, be a suicide mission because, in any case, a complication arises no one will be able to help. You may not lose the unborn puppy alone, but including the mother too.

In other words, any reason vet outside there will also advise you to hold on or discontinue natural antibiotics for dogs during pregnancy. We also recommend the same.

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When To Use Antibiotics On Your Dog

When your dog is feeling poorly, it can be very upsetting for both your pup and you, and its very usual to ask, where did my dog pick up this infection?

The more obvious infections are those from open wounds, such as cuts and grazes caused whilst playing or running through parks and trails.

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Even a tiny cut needs to be looked after to prevent infection. If your dog has a mild injury, such as a scratch or graze, you should gently clean it with a saline solution.

If in doubt about whether your pet may need treatment then take a trip to your veterinarian surgery.

Keeping wounds clean, away from lapping tongues and scratching paws is a real challenge but at least you have a good visual of whats going on!

Where its much harder to see what the cause of your dogs illness is, is when they have a respiratory infection or gastrointestinal infection, basically, anything going on, on the inside.

These types of illnesses can be picked up in much the same way as we get sick passed through the air, through the environment, from another pet who is already unwell, or if your pets general immune system is low, allowing it to be prone to picking up illnesses.

What Should I Discuss With My Veterinarian Before Giving Cephalexin To My Pet

Tell your veterinarian if your pet has ever had an allergic reaction to another penicillin or to a cephalosporin. Tell your veterinarian if your pet has kidney disease, or a stomach or intestinal disease. Tell your veterinarian if your pet is pregnant or lactating. Cephalexin liquid suspension contains sucrose which may affect the treatment of diabetic pets.

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