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Moving Forward With Your Things To Do On A Sunday

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Give a few of the items above a try on your next Sunday. And as you go through your week, notice how productive you feel.

If you feel like you arent making any progress forward, try something new on your next Sunday. Or if you notice a difference for the better, keep doing what youre doing!

Its all about experimenting to find what works best for you.

That said, moving forward be sure to utilize your Sunday to the fullest so that you set your week up on a positive note and make progress towards your goals.

How To Have A Happier And More Productive Weekend

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I dont know about you, but I LOVE the weekends. I enjoy my job and look forward to going to work on Monday, but weekends are a just such a magical time arent they? From the moment you clock off on Friday afternoon to Sunday night, the weekend is a time for relaxation, socialising and of course, for us productivity nuts, a time to get a few extra tasks crossed off.

A lot of the productivity articles out there talk about how to get more done at work. How to optimise your work day and how to do better at your job.

But what about the weekends?

Should we just switch off at 5 pm on a Friday and forget about getting stuff done?

In my view, no we shouldnt.

To me , productivity is a tool for getting more out of life. Its not just about doing more at work, its about being more effective and efficient in everything that we do, including how we spend out weekends.

Id argue that by working out how you can have a more effective and efficient weekend i.e. a weekend where youre happier and one where youre pleased with how youve spent your time, youll be able to get more out of them, contributing to greater happiness and fulfilment.

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Tricks To Make Fridays Productive Even When Youre Already In Weekend Mode

Most weeks, Friday is an awesome day. I usually have at least one fun weekend plan to look forward to, and, as a freelancer who gets to make my own schedule, I can sort of use Friday afternoons to do whatever I want. This means I often check out mentally by 3 or 4 PM, and indulge in the luxury of not being in an office. Sometimes I run errands or meet up with someone for happy hour. Usually, I nap.

But, as you can imagine, these non-productive Friday afternoons are sometimes more to my own detriment than Id like. Sure, Im allowed to get my work done when I feel like it, but not working as much on Fridays is just another method of procrastinating. It means Ill be up late getting something done on Sunday, or, even more likely, waking up super early Monday morning.

Ive been trying to challenge myself lately to stick to a more regular work routine, i.e. actually getting all my work done by 5 or 5:30 PM on weekdays, and working as minimally as possible on the weekends. Im doing this for a number of reasons, but the main one is that I like being on the same basic work schedule as my boyfriend and non-freelancing friends. I almost never say no to a social activity , even if my plans for myself were to work that evening. I just shift my self-made schedule to work around it. Unfortunately, if I havent been as productive as I could have been during the week, that typically means more late evenings and early nights for me.

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Use Your Fridays To Prepare

I always do my weekly shop after work on a Friday. I love to plan my meals for the weekend because I have more time to cook, and this is made easier with my Getting Things Done Planner because at the start of the week I plan my meals ahead of time and because I like to keep my Sundays free and full of relaxation, so I can do valuable things with my day. So, if youre looking to make your Sundays more exciting then click here to see how.

Why it works: I find it much better when I do this on a Friday. Making sure my meals for next week are prepped on a Friday not only allows me to have more of a weekend but also a strong start for the week ahead. Check out these healthy meals you can prep in under thirty minutes to get you started!

So, tell me, how do you plan your week? Do you do the same thing every day? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below.

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Break The Cycle Of Scheduled Monotony

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When the typical work day is a long strew of scheduled tasks, its easy to feel trapped in your routine. Break that up by doing something newlike rock climbing or learning the drums. Biologically, the act of doing new things can stimulate production of neurotrophins, proteins that can help brain cells thrive.

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How To Make Your Weekend Productive

Weekends are the most awaited time when you can have fun and get relaxation. Everyone gets tired with the hectic routine of the whole week, and they find weekend a blessing. You can make time for your self, can spend time with your friends and family.

If you want to enjoy the weekend fully, you must make it productive. Now, the question arises that how to make your weekend productive? Well, there are many ways from which we are going to discuss the most prominent ones.

Make Proper Plans

Sunday nights are the most-awaited, so it should be planned properly. To make your weekends productive and enjoyable, you have to be clear about what you should do and in what way. Time management is very necessary, which you cannot make if you do things in a random way. Schedule everything, and then you would be able to accomplish your plans very well.

Physical Activities

Activity leads to productivity. If you want to make your weekends productive, you must do those things which can prove beneficial for you. It is a common sight that people prefer to sleep for a long time on weekends in the name of rest. This is not the right thing.

No doubt, rest is important, but the good amount of physical exercise and activities will keep you fit for your whole weekend. You will find yourself more refresh and motivated to do excellent things.

Do what makes you happy

Spend Time with your loved ones

Break is important

Forget all the tensions

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    Do Something That Takes You Out Of Your Normal Routine

    Research shows that we experience time more slowly when we do something novel and memorable. So your weekend will feel longer if you do something that takes you out of your everyday routine.

    Some experts advise that the best time to do this is Sunday evening. This is when many of us are in the grip of the “Sunday Scaries,” fretting about having to go back to work so soon. It’s also a time when some of us are already working on the coming week’s tasks. You can fight both tendencies with a fun Sunday evening outing, which can make you feel like you’ve extended your weekend. An added bonus is that, since more people stay home on Sunday evenings than on Saturdays, places like restaurants and movie theaters are likely to be less crowded.

    You may just find yourself back at work on Monday feeling rested, refreshed and stimulated at the same time. And ready to take on whatever the week may throw at you.

    Things To Do On A Sunday Get Your Clothes Ready

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    Speaking of things to do on a Sunday night, getting your clothes ready is another great idea. But, this doesnt have to just be a Sunday thing. It can really be an every night kind of thing.

    Planning out your clothes the night before will save you a tremendous amount of time in the long run.

    Instead of scrambling to throw something together in the morning, youll deliberately plan out a great outfit the night before.

    So check the weather, check your schedule, and check yourself out as you put together a great wardrobe for your next day. Plus, planning your clothes out the night before will help reduce decision fatigue the next day.


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    How To Be Productive On The Weekends

    May 03, 2019

    Do you ever wonder how genuinely successful people achieve and maintain their success? I’ll let you in on a secret. Their weekend routine has something to do with it.

    While most of us see the weekend as a time to hang out and relax with our friends, successful people have a different idea of how that time should be spent.

    If you are looking to achieve #GirlBoss status, you have to be willing to put in some work. Here are some top tips on how we can all become successful people on the weekends to set the tone for a crazy productive week.

    Embrace Downtime And Reflect

    Of course, there are times youll need to sit quietly and let yourself just be. Career coach and author Roy Cohen believes meditating to be a great way to achieve peace of mind, while life coach Marsha Egan says most successful people use their downtime to reflect on their accomplishments, failures, and future plans.

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    Eat The Elephant On Tuesdays

    Its become a ritual that I spend my Tuesdays getting my least favorite tasks out of the way. These tasks are the least fun, the most boring and at times the most challenging. Because we all have those tasks that we just dont want to do and put off and off. But this is not good for our productivity or our mind.

    Do this on a Tuesday because youve started a new work week and youll still be motivated to get it all done. So, whilst youre at your most productive just eat the elephant and get all of those pesky, unwanted tasks out of the way. And that way, youll have the rest of the week to feel much better about everything.

    Why it works: Its actually really good for your mind and your productivity because as youre eating the elephant youre actually going through the processes of decluttering your mind. Usually, my natural impulse is to leave those tasks until the end of the week, but streamlining these things will make me more productive throughout the week. And if you get the most hated tasks out of the way first it means you wont be dreading them from Monday to Friday.


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    If you order prescription drugs without being examined and monitored by a health care practitioner, you may be misdiagnosed, and miss the opportunity to get an appropriate treatment that would help you. You may also put yourself at risk for drug interactions, or harmful side effects that a qualified health professional could better foresee.

    Buying drugs on the Internet may also pose financial risks. In some cases, the product may not be shipped at all, or if it is coming from another country, it could be stopped at the border by Canadian authorities.

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    Don’t Try To Do It All

    If you wake up on Saturday with a list of 20 to-do list items, you’re setting yourself up for failure. The key is to prioritize so you get the most important things done, not all the things done. That way, you allow yourself the time to do them well.

    One technique for prioritizing your to-do list is called the impact vs. effort analysis. Here’s how it works: Before you begin a task, ask yourself how much effort this task will take, and what the immediate impact will be. This’ll help you quickly figure out which of the items on your to-do list will have the most immediate impact in the least amount of time.

    For example, if you wake up on a Saturday and find your inbox is overflowing but you were hoping to bang out a blog post before lunch, run a quick impact vs. effort analysis in your head. You might realize that getting through 30+ emails takes a significant amount of effort, but actually has little impact on your success. Writing that blog post, on the other hand, requires more effort, but it carries a much higher impact.

    They Spend Time With Their Loved Ones

    If you feel guilty about how little time you’re able to spend with your family and friends Monday through Friday, you’re not alone. Whether you choose to work out with your spouse or take your kids to the park, doing it during the weekend will save you from feeling any guilt during the weekdays.

    “On the weekends we have in the morning, so Tiff and I go work out Saturday mornings. Then the rest of the weekend it’s just us,” said at South by Southwest in 2014. “It’s us putting them to bed. It’s us at dinner. We try to be as normal as possible.”

    Keep in mind, however, that if you need to get some work done over the weekend, aim to do it Saturday morning so you’re not thinking about it during the rest of the weekend.

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    Dont Save Everything For The Weekend

    If youre the gal who saves every life chore for the weekend, those two days will get crowded! Try moving your home cleaning routine to Thursday nights, or break it up throughout the week into smaller tasks. Going into the weekend with fresh linens, a vacuum run, and a clean kitchen can do wonders for the psyche of having a relaxing space to enjoy.

    The same principle can be applied to the fun stuff too! If youre trying to catch up with everyone you love on a Saturday or Sunday, the weekend will feel frenetic. Try a Monday night cocktail when restaurants are less crowded. Could you do an early morning weekday breakfast with an out-of-town friend? Plugging things back into your week instead of defaulting to weekend scheduling will automatically make weekends feel fuller.

    Studying Islam And Attending Gatherings Of The Pious

    THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE MOVING TO CANADA ABOUT over the counter medications/new comers/sarah buyucan

    Alhamdulillah, there is an abundance of courses, ranging from one-day conferences to 5 year alimiyya programmes, locally, nationally and online, that can be undertaken solely on weekends. Also, any other gatherings of the ulema or pious for the sake of learning sacred knowledge or remembrance of Allah are groves of Paradise which should be attended as much as possible:

    No people sit remembering Allah, the Mighty and Exalted, without the angels surrounding them and mercy covering them and tranquillity descending on them and Allah mentioning them to those who are with Him.

    I personally have come across dedicated students who, through their hard work at weekends, have learned Arabic to a high level, some graduating to scholarly levels. May Allah grant us such aspiration and inspire us to put in the time.

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    On Planning Tasks For The Coming Week

    The last thing you want to focus on during the weekend is your upcoming week’s duties, but Mondays will go much more smoothly if you aren’t hurrying to recall all you have to get done. Instead, take a little time each weekend to write down your task list for the upcoming week and update it when you think of new tasks. You may do this on a Friday before you leave the workplace so you wouldn’t have to waste your weekend time on it. Sunday evenings work nicely, too, since it allows you to start Monday morning without figuring out where you left things the previous Friday.

    Weekends should be tranquil and enjoyable, with time to accomplish activities you don’t regularly have time to do. Try some or all of these practices to boost your productivity and minimize stress during the workweek. Trust us when we say that you’ll feel a lot more at ease on Sunday night knowing that you’re all set for the week ahead, and you’ll face Monday feeling great and ready to tackle your remaining tasks.

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