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Best Antibiotic Eye Drops For Dogs

You Said I Can’t Use Human Eye Drops For My Dog Are There Exceptions

Antibiotic Eye Drops For Dogs To Help With Eye Infections…

We already covered this point, but it bears repeating. Dog eye drops are different from human ones. Your eyes are different from your dogs.

Do NOT use human eye drops for your dog. You don’t want to cause your dogs suffering accidentally.

There is only one exception to this rule. Only put human drops in your dog’s eyes if your vet tells you to do so.

They are familiar with dogs’ eyes and know what is safe to use. Otherwise, you put your pooch at risk of irritating eyes or worse.

Causes Of Dog Eye Infections

There are two main causes of dog eye infections: viral and bacterial. Bacterial is far more common. Bacterial eye infections are caused by unicellular microscopic living organisms and usually need an opportunity to infect the eye. Viruses , trauma to the eye, or dry eye disease, can provide the perfect opportunities for bacteria to invade and grow because there is a compromise in the local defenses of the eye.

A dogs eyes do an excellent job of self-cleaning with the tear film. Thus, when bacteria contaminate the eye, its rarely due to the bacteria alone and probably related to something compromising the eyes integrity.

The most common cause of eye infections in dogs is a bacterial infection resulting from an injury, like a scratch or ulcer on the eye. Many times a dog will get scratched in the eye by a claw or in rough play and the wound on the cornea gets infected with bacteria that prevent it from healing. Youll see your dog squinting from the pain but usually, you wont see the wound itself.

Bacterial infections can also result from unwelcomed visitors entering your dogs eye. Foreign bodies such as fur or hair sticking into the eye can sweep bacteria into the eye, causing an infection. Other foreign bodies include dust, debris, or plant material. These items can get lodged under your dogs third eyelid and cause irritation and infection unless removed.

Is Conjunctivitis Contagious For Humans And Other Pets

Non-infectious conjunctivitis is not contagious. However, if the conjunctivitis is the result of a virus or bacterial infection, it has the potential to be transmitted from one dog to another. Additionally, some types of canine conjunctivitis can potentially be passed to humans, although this is extremely uncommon.

Its important for anyone handling an infected dog to wash their hands thoroughly to prevent the infection from spreading to other animals or themselves. Avoid touching your eye or face area when youve been near an infected dog. Should you develop signs of an eye infection, be sure to contact your physician immediately.

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Dog Eye Infection Causes

The causes of these various types of infections also differ from case to case. If your pooch is diagnosed with an eye infection, one of the following causes could be at the bottom of your pup’s eye infection:

  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Fungus spores
  • Irritants or allergens, such as smoke or shampoo
  • Foreign matter or debris
  • Trauma
  • Scratch or cut on the cornea

Caring For Your Dogs Overall Eye Health


Before beginning any treatment at home, talk to your veterinarian to make sure it is suitable for your dog. Like humans, every dog has their own specific needs. Canines cant speak for themselves, but a vet can understand the problem and find the right solution.

It is a good idea to inspect your pets eyes every day for debris, discharge or any abnormalities that may cause irritation. Many cases of eye gunk or discharge are normal and can be wiped away with a warm washcloth. Sometimes, though, eye discharge in dogs may indicate a problem that needs medical attention.

Also, make sure to keep your dogs hair trimmed out of their eyes and schedule routine checkups for overall health.

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Corneal Abrasions Vs Corneal Ulcers

When discussing corneal injuries in dogs, you may hear the terms abrasion and ulcer used to describe the severity of the injury.

Though some may use these terms interchangeably, they are vastly different when discussing the severity of the wound.

A corneal abrasion is not as severe as a corneal ulcer, and typically involves a superficial scrape to the outermost layer of the cornea.

An abrasion has not yet eroded into the stroma, which in turn sets it apart from an actual ulcer.

Though an abrasion may not be as severe, they should still be taken seriously and treated with immediate care.

Abrasions can easily worsen without appropriate treatment, leading to the development of a corneal ulcer in the end.

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What About Viral Eye Infections

Canine distemper virus can cause a viral eye infection. Viral infections are usually self-limiting unless accompanied by a secondary bacterial infection.

As a dog owner, you dont need to be worried about viral infections if you get your dog regularly vaccinated. Viral infections in the eye can look like bacterial infections eventually, but with viral infections, you might notice other additional signs also such as lethargy, nasal discharge, and a fever.

Gentamicin Sulfate Ophthalmic Solution

Terramycin Ophthalmic Ointment

Antibiotic treatment for canines suffering from bacterial infections, the active ingredient aminoglycoside binds with any present bacteria and inhibits protein synthesis, which in layman’s terms kills the bacteria!

This treatment cannot be used for animals suffering from a viral or fungal infection and should also be avoided for bitches in pups or those that are lactating.

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Video Answer: Eye Infections In Pets

Many dogs are prone to ear infections and other problems, but can you use human ear drops to treat your dog? Well, it is important to remember that dogs respond differently than humans to certain drugs and chemicals, so you should not use human ear drops if your dog has an ear infection or problem.

Also, medication for humans, including eye drops, are generally not the same for dogs. You should never treat your dog with human medication without consulting a pet care specialist first. Using the wrong eye drops could cause significant pain, damage, and blindness.

Yes, dogs can take human probiotics they are not harmful to pets. However, they do not provide the same benefits as a species-specific supplement. The dog -specific bacteria may be found in combination with similar bacterial strains found in human supplements.

Is Conjunctivitis Contagious In Dogs

Some cases of conjunctivitis can be passed from dog to dog.

Bacteria and viruses can easily spread throughout a canine population, with some illnesses being more infectious than others.

These illnesses can spread through direct contact with other contagious dogs, typically infecting others through sneezing and close playtime.

If your dogs conjunctivitis is a result of a bacterial or viral infection, their condition is considered contagious.

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What Are The Different Types Of Eye Drops For Dogs

Dogs, like humans, can be afflicted by a number of different ailments, and the sensitive eye region is one of the most commonly affected areas. There are a number of different types of eye drops for dogs available to address a variety of problems including conjunctivitis, seasonal allergies, infections, excessive tearing, and staining tears. Drops may also treat cloudy eyes and cataracts or be used to wash foreign matter from the eye. In veterinary care, drops may also be used as a means to diagnose certain conditions. Some of these eye drops for dogs are available over the counter, while some require a prescription from a veterinarian.

For conjunctivitis, in which the membrane surrounding the eyelid lining becomes inflamed, it is best to use prescription antibiotic eye drops for dogs. This issue is commonly caused by an infection and should be treated in a timely manner before it is allowed to spread to the other eye, spread to other pets in the household, or cause permanent eye damage. Any discharge is removed from the eye, and then the drops are administered multiple times a day for up to a week until the infection has cleared. The eyes may also be washed with a canine saline solution to flush out any remaining foreign particulates.

Is Conjunctivitis Considered Pink Eye In Dogs

Antibiotic Eye Drops For Cats Petsmart

When someone uses the phrase pink eye, they are using a casual term that refers to conjunctivitis in dogs.

Pink eye in both humans and dogs simply refers to inflammation of the conjunctiva, leading to the obvious redness of the membranes within the eye.

While the two terms are interchangeable, its important to note that most people using the phrase pink eye are referring to an infectious cause of eye irritation rather than other underlying factors.

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How To Keep Your Dogs Eyes Healthy

Your dogs eyes are precious. Keep them healthy with a few simple practices. First, if your dog has long hair, keep it trimmed around her eyes to avoid irritation. Always use blunt-tip scissors held parallel to the eye and trim only when shes calm and still.

Its also important to keep your dogs eyes clear of debris and mucus. Keeping a dogs eyes clean on a daily basis is similar to how to clean a dogs eye infection: Apply a clean, warm cloth to the area to loosen and soften any eye boogers or crust in the surrounding fur. Gently wipe the area clean, being sure to avoid rubbing the eye itself.

Keep your pup happy and healthy with routine eye care and be sure to note any changes in the appearance of her eyes. And remember, eye care is just one part of your dogs overall health. Schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to ensure your furry friend is up-to-date on all preventatives, medications, and vaccinations.

Cliny Universal Pet Eye Wash Cleaner For Dogs & Cats Natural Gentle Eye Infection Treatment Tear Stain & Dirt Crust And Discharge Remover Drops Prevents And Controls Irritation

  • CLEANS SKIN AROUND EYES & CONTROLS INFECTION: Cliny provides gentle care for dogs and cats, prevents eyes, eliminates clogging, and relieves puffiness and irritation around eyelids.
  • MADE with NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Cliny contains boric acid, which disinfects eyes and reduces inflammation of eyelids.
  • HEALS AND SOFTENS THE SKIN: This cleaner contains silver ions, which have a bactericidal effect, and panthenol, which helps heal wounds and soften skin.
  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE FOR DOGS & CATS: A new formula developed by veterinarians allows us to gently clean dogs and cats eyes and take good care of them.

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Treatments For Conjunctivitis In Dogs

Your dogs treatment plan for their conjunctivitis will vary based on the underlying cause of their conjunctival inflammation.

Some of the most common treatment plans involve antibiotic eye drops, anti-inflammatory eye drops, and even eye drops to stimulate tear production.

In most cases of conjunctivitis in our furry friends, dogs will make a full recovery within 7-10 days of their initial diagnosis.

Situations can vary if a contagious illness is causing other symptoms, or if your dog is suffering from a chronic eye condition that requires specialized care.

Your veterinarian is the best one to speak with if you are looking for an accurate prognosis.

Conjunctivitis can have many different causes and necessary treatment plans, so we always suggest following your vets guidance.

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What If I Dont Treat My Dogs Eye Ulcer

If you do not seek out veterinary care for your dogs eye ulcer, the ulcer may continue to worsen to the point of causing permanent eye damage.

Not only can a severe corneal ulcer cause devastating impact to the health of the eye, but the pain of the ulcer can become unbearable.

The sooner you treat your dogs corneal ulcer, the easier it will be to receive affordable and effective treatment.

The longer you wait, the more involved their treatment options will become.

Diagnosing Corneal Ulcers In Dogs

The best way to diagnose a corneal ulcer in dogs is by having your veterinarian perform a fluorescein stain of the eye.

This involves administering a bright green stain to the eye, which in turn causes the stain to pool in an ulcer if one is present.

When the veterinarian turns off the light and shines a UV light on the eye, the ulcer should become visible.

Your veterinarian should also perform an in depth eye exam to help them rule out the presence of other eye conditions.

Your vet may also use a tonometer to test the pressure in your dogs eye, as well as performing a Schirmer tear test if they think dry eye is the cause of their ulcer.

Every case will vary, so we suggest following your vets guidance when determining the best diagnostic plan.

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Dog Eye Infection Treatment

The treatment your vet recommends will depend upon the underlying cause of your pup’s eye discomfort and may involve a combination of topical and oral medications such as antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs, and in some cases surgery.

  • If a bacterial infection is found to be causing your dog’s eye infection, antibiotics and eye drops will typically be prescribed.
  • When allergies are the suspected cause of eye infections in dogs, the vet is likely to prescribe an antihistamine to help soothe your pup’s eyes.
  • If there is a foreign body, or debris irritating the eye your vet may need to remove it while your dog is under sedation or local anesthetic.
  • Blocked tear ducts typically require surgery followed by eye drops and antibiotics.
  • Dogs suffering from dry eye or keratoconjunctivitis sicca may be prescribed medications such as cyclosporine or tacrolimus to help stimulate tear production.
  • Eyelid or eyelash abnormalities that cause the lashes to rub against the eyeball are generally treated with surgery to correct the issue

Optase Hylo Night Dry Eye Ointment

Vetericyn Plus All Animal Eye Wash. Pain

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  • PRESERVATIVE FREE NIGHTTIME DRY EYE RELIEF: OPTASE Hylo Night Ointment offers soothing and comfortable lubrication to help resolve symptoms associated with Blepharitis, Dry Eye, and other eye problems
  • LONG LASTING OVERNIGHT PROTECTION: The well tolerated formula of OPTASE Hylo Night provides over 6 hours of physical retention for nighttime dry eye relief, without crusty, impaired morning vision
  • SAFE FOR EVERYDAY USE, 6 MONTH STABILITY: OPTASE Hylo Night Dry Eye Ointment is safe for continuous night time use. Simply apply once onto the eyelids before bed for overnight ocular lubrication
  • BALANCED FOR COMFORT: OPTASE Hylo Night Gel is gentle and comfortable on the sensitive skin around the lids and lashes, without the irritation or gritty sensation found in other nighttime ointments
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES: The preservative free, phosphate free protection of OPTASE Hylo Night Dry Eye Ointment is safe for children and adults, providing effective dry eye symptom relief for all ages

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What If Something Is Stuck In My Dogs Eye

Removing a foreign body from your dogs eye may have some risks involved.

If you can see that its easily removable without causing your pet any additional pain or further injury, for example, a loose hair, then this is fine for you to remove. If the object is something larger and potentially injurious, removal may require special tools or sedation, which should be done at the vets office.

Pet Vision Lubricating & Cataract Eye Drops

This eye drop is designed for longer-term use for ongoing eye conditions such as incipient and immature cataracts, nuclear sclerosis, and dry eye syndrome.

Ader Enterprises Pet Vision Pet Vision Pro should be applied twice daily for a minimum of thirty days to see a noticeable improvement.

MicrocynAH Ophthalmic Gel is a gel used to help prevent or relieve dryness of your dogs eyes. It provides a base layer over the eye, thus providing added protection while lubricating to remove dryness and irritation.

This ointment is used by applying it on the lower lid and should be administered when necessary.

Depending on the condition or ailment that your dog is suffering from, your veterinarian may be able to give you an idea of how often you may need to reapply.

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