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Dog Ear Antibiotics Over The Counter

Treating Ear Problems In Dogs

Dog Yeast Ear Infections: Great OTC Home Remedy

To successfully diagnose and treat problems with the ear it is always recommended to bring your dog to a vet. If your dog is found to be suffering from an ear problem, the best course of treatment for the individual case will be prescribed, which may often be a course of antibiotics.

Because there are so many different types of ear problems dogs can get the treatment varies from topical solutions and wipes to antibiotics and surgery. For example: Vets can conduct simple tests to diagnose a bacterial ear infection and prescribe topical solutions and or antibiotics.

Getting rid of foreign bodies in your dogs ear, such as grass seed, can include your vet attempting to flush the ears or removing the items surgically while the dog is either under general anaesthetic or sedated. This will be followed with pain relief and antibiotics.

Best Dog Ear Cleaners On The Market

  • Pet MD Ear Wipes Pet MD Ear wipes include aloe-vera and eucalyptus to gently clean debris and dirt from around your dogs ears. These veterinary formulated wipes are alcohol-free, soothing and deodorizing for dog ear cleaning.
  • Zymox Otic Zymox Otic Solution is used for treating bacterial, viral and yeast infections in the outer ear. It comes in an easy to use a bottle and contains hydrocortisone to help reduce inflammation and swelling.
  • Epi-Otic Epi-Otic is a gentle alcohol-free ear cleaner solution containing an antiseptic to help with the prevention of air infections. Its formulated to be pH neutral so it doesnt alter the balance of oils and enzymes in your dogs ear.

Avoid Antibiotics And Steroids For Your Dogs Ear Infections

Vets will often prescribe antibiotics, steroids, and topical medication. These medicines may help clear up your dogs ears at first but the problem often returns later. Thats because drugs only treat the symptoms you can see. They dont address the underlying condition thats causing the symptoms. And they can have negative side effects.

Antibiotics used for bacterial ear infections disrupt the bacterial balance in your dogs gut, which can lead to more health issues due to bacteria or yeast that grow out of control.

Steroids work by suppressing the immune system and can cause harmful side effects. So avoid them if you can.

Discharge and inflammation in the ears is a sign the bodys trying to remove toxins absorbed through food, medications and her environment. Thats a good thing! Your dogs body is working to heal itself by getting rid of harmful substances. When you close off that exit route by using suppressive drugs, it can drive the disease deeper. Itll come back somewhere else. And that means your dog will get sicker often with a more serious disease.

So, finding the cause of your dogs ear problems is the key to ridding her of them once and for all. Fortunately, there are ways you can do this at home.

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Can I Get Antibiotics Without Seeing A Doctor

You can not get oral antibiotics, such as amoxicillin and penicillin, without talking to a doctor. That said, you are able to get antibiotics without seeing a doctor in person.

A video or phone call is a great way to get prescribed antibiotics from the comfort of your home. During an online consultation, the doctor will diagnose your infection and determine an appropriate treatment method, including antibiotics if necessary. Your antibiotic prescription will be electronically sent to your local pharmacy for pick up.

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Top 5 Best Dog Ear Infection Treatment in 2019 (Over the ...

Regrettably, certain brands of human glucosamine tablets can pass entirely through the dog altogether.

So, buy glucosamine supplements designed for dogs.

If it is pure glucosamine, like a liquid or powder, with the correct dosage, it should be beneficial to the dog’s joint health.

As an OTC dog wormer, it really kills whipworms and it can work well against tapeworms and the like.

As a matter of fact, it is a decent dog dewormer for all worms.

You can mix it with food and it will target all types of worms.

As an OTC dog wormer, it really kills whipworms and it can work well against tapeworms and the like.

As a matter of fact, it is a decent dog dewormer for all worms.

The granules work for cats as well so it is a broad spectrum dewormer not just for dogs but also for cats.

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How To Choose The Best Dog Ear Infection Treatment

Unlike with many other dog supplies, there’s a clear choice for over-the-counter best dog ear infection treatment, as you’ll quickly find out if you do your own research.

Studies have shown that hydrocortisone is perfect for clearing up infections in dog’s ears, and the most popular product with this type of solution is Zymox from Pet King Brands.

The first two best-selling products, the 1% hydrocortisone and the 0.5% solution are the first two best dog ear infection treatment choices listed below.

The company has recently released its published studies on the effectiveness of hydrocortisone against otitis externa in dogs and related ear infections in dogs. Here they are in PDF:

  • Antimicrobial Activity Assessment of Zymox Otic Solution Against a Broad Range of Microbial Organisms
  • Antibiofilm Efficacy of Advanced Formula Zymox Otic Plus with 1% Hydrocortisone
  • Antimicrobial Activity Assessment of Zymox Otic Solution Against Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus
  • Antimicrobial Activity Assessment of Zymox Topical Cream Against Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Granted, these studies were funded by the Pet King Brands themselves.

Still, they’re worth looking into as well as considering the fact of their long-standing reputation as the best dog ear infection treatment brand since the late 1990s, according to vets and pet owners.

How Do Dogs Get Ear Mites

Contact with other dogs or cats with ear mites is typically what causes ear mites to be transmitted to your pet. Young dogs are also more likely to develop ear mite infestations.

When one puppy or dog is infested, the mites can get onto bedding or transfer directly from dog to dog through play and socialising. As dogs like to play together, the mites find it easy to make their move to a new host.

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Antibiotics And Other Treatments

Whether its ear drops or another medication, youve got to avoid administering the wrong treatment.

Your dog may ultimately require an antibiotic, such as Ciprodex or Polysporin, which can only be truly safe and successful with your vets guidance.

Do not delay in asking for advice.

You never know! Your veterinarian may point you in the right direction by matching up symptoms with appropriate use of specialized ear drops for dogs. Then its just a matter of applying the medicine.

Interested in cleaning your dogs ears?

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Zymox Pet Ear Treatment

Parasitic worms can impact both humans and pets.

If your dog is infected with these intestinal worms, our over-the-counter Quad Dewormer for Dogs can help.

It’s a safe and easy-to-use broad-spectrum Dewormer that can effectively deworm dogs and puppies at home with a single dose.

However, Meloxicam for dogs is prescribed for a laundry list of conditions that cause inflammation and pain.

Meloxicam is sold in pill form and is only available with a prescription from your veterinarian.

This means it is not available over-the-counter.

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Diagnostic Tests For Dog Ear Infections

As you can see there are a lot of different reasons your pet may have irritation or excess wax or debris coming from their ear. Your veterinarian should be looking into the ear itself with an otoscope to make sure the eardrum is intact and that there are no grass seeds present in the ear canal leading to the inflammation.

Its important that your veterinarian does an ear swab that will help diagnose whether the infection is bacterial, fungal, or infectious, like ear mites. Your vet will take a cotton swab and collect some of the debris, put it on a microscope slide, stain it and look under the microscope.

If your dog has recurring ear infections, your veterinarian may recommend sending a sample of the ear debris to the laboratory for a culture to rule out a resistant bacterial infection like Pseudomonas, which can be resistant to many types of antibiotics.

What Is An Antibiotic Indication

An antibiotic indication is the reason for antibiotic use, either an active infection or prevention against a suspected infection. Indications should be as specific as possible such as cellulitis, surgical prevention, community acquired pneumonia, or sepsis. Having a fever is not a good enough indication to begin antibiotic treatment. Other symptoms must coincide.

Indications help doctors determine which antibiotic to prescribe. There are over 100 types of antibiotics, each with different indications for treatment. Some common antibiotics prescribed include:

  • Ceftriaxone
  • Clindamycin
  • Metronidazole

Because of the complexity of oral antibiotics, it is no surprise that you need a prescription from a medical doctor.

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Are There Antibiotics You Can Get Over The Counter

Yes, there are antibiotics that you can get over the counter. These can be found at any local drug store or grocery store pharmacy. That said, only certain types of antibiotics, such as topical antibiotics, are available over the counter. Stronger antibiotics, such as oral antibiotics, require a prescription from a doctor.

Antibiotics can be given via different routes in and on the body. There are invasive and less invasive ways to administer antibiotics.

The four types of antibiotic administration routes include:

  • Topical
  • Oral
  • Intravenous
  • Intramuscular

Less invasive administration routes of antibiotics include topical routes. Many topical antibiotics are available over the counter. These antibiotics are creams that are spread onto the skin to treat minor scrapes, wounds, acne, and burns.

Topical over-the-counter antibiotics include:

  • Strep throat

Ear Wipes For Dogs Otic Cleanserby Pet Md

Buy Tri

The last mention on the best dog ear infection treatment list is another completely different solution, with the active ingredient being Salicylic Acid and wipes, instead of a liquid solution.

After four ear care drops in a row, a dog ear wipe product finally makes it to our list.

This best dog ear infection treatment from Pet MD is made in the USA by MD Pet and is recommended as a cleanser, deodorizer, and general preventative for ear infections and wax buildup in dogs at least 12 weeks old.

A jar of Pet MD Ear Wipes contains 100 pieces of disposable wipes.

These wipes are alcohol-free and not medicated. The cleansing, deodorizing, and healing effects of these wipes come from aloe vera and eucalyptus oil.

INGREDIENTS: Purified Water, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate, Polysorbate 20, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil, Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Tetrasodium EDTA, Methylisothiazolinone, Sodium Benzoate, Fragrance, Red 33, Blue 1.

Not all dogs tolerate too well liquid medicines being flushed into their ears, so a lot of dog owners were thrilled to find this last best dog ear infection treatment in the form of pet ear wipes with salicylic acid.

Pet MD Ear Wipes for Dogs Otic Cleanser for Dogs cleans dog ears of any debris and helps dogs have dry and nice-smelling ears.


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How To Treat Dog Ear Infections

If you’re looking for the best dog ear infection treatment, then you already know that your pooch has an infected ear or any of the other common problems, such as dog ear mites or dog ear yeast infection.

After consulting with a vet, if prescription dog ear treatment with antibiotics is not the right option , using an over-the-counter product can be a great alternative.

On average, it takes anywhere from 7 to 30 days to treat the most common ear infections in dogs. When cases are very complicated, the treatment can take several months.

The treatment itself is not very complicated, and if your veterinarian has already done the initial review, all you need to do is follow their plan as well as for instructions on the label of the best dog ear infection treatment that you’ve picked out.

If you choose to do your own research, consult your vet about the treatment product you choose.

You can keep the product on hand for use when needed AFTER you’ve cleared it with your vet. This is especially beneficial for dog owners whose pet suffers from frequent ear infections.

Does Mometamax Require Prescription

. People also ask, is Mometamax over the counter?

Mometamax is a pet medication that treats ear infections. Pet medications are prescription and over-the-counter medicines for dogs, cats, and other animals. They treat animal-only conditions and those also found in humans, and come in forms and dosages specifically for pets.

is there a generic for Mometamax? Yes, Malmetazone – Generic to Mometamax does require a prescription.

Beside above, is Mometamax an antibiotic?

Mometamax Otic Suspension by Schering Plough. General Description: This once-a-day ear medication contains an antibacterial, an anti-inflammatory and an antifungal. It is useful for treating acute or chronic canine otitis externa when caused by yeast or bacteria susceptible to gentamicin.

What is the difference between Otomax and Mometamax?

A more recent product, Mometamax, contains mometasone furoate in place of betamethasone , and is labeled for once-daily dosing, versus twice-daily for Otomax. Merial’s Tresaderm is another veteran otic which is labeled for twice-daily use in cats as well as dogs.

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Antibiotics Over The Counter

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Homeopathy For Chronic Ear Infections

K9C Vet Dr. Marc Smith – Ear Infections In Dogs

If your dog has chronic, recurring ear issues, its best to get help from a professional homeopath. Theyll do a complete analysis of your dog, then prescribe the appropriate remedy for all her symptoms. This approach will help get to the underlying cause of your dogs ear problems.

You can find a homeopathic vet at Most will do phone consults so they dont have to be local.

Now that you know how to handle an acute ear infection in your dog, its a good idea to keep reading, so you can prevent your dog from getting ear infections in future.

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What Happens If Ear Infections In Dogs Are Untreated

Otitis externa can progress to otitis media, and in some cases, that could develop into otitis interna. So its important to deal with ear infections promptly before they become more serious. In severe cases, your dog could develop facial paralysis, deafness, or symptoms of vestibular disease.

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What Do Ear Mites Look Like

You may think its necessary to know what ear mites look like in dogs in order to tackle them, however ear mites are so small that its unlikely you will be able to see them. It takes a vet with an otoscope or microscope to properly spot an infestation.

If you want to know how to check your dog for ear mites, it is best to look for signs of ear mites rather than the parasites themselves.

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Do I Need A Prescription For Antibiotics

There are many topical antibiotic creams used for minor cuts, scrapes and burns that do not require a prescription. If you are looking for oral antibiotics you will need a prescription from a doctor.

Oral antibiotics are prescribed to either treat or prevent an infection. If being used to prevent infection, once it is clear that there is no infection, the antibiotic should be discontinued as directed by your physician

However, if a known source of infection is confirmed, then antibiotic treatment should be completed for the full course of antibiotic therapy.

What To Avoid Home Remedies For Dog Ear Infections That Can Be Dangerous

Zymox Otic Pet Ear Treatment with Hydrocortisone, 1.25

Never, ever, try to put anything directly inside your dogs ears unless your vet has directed it is safe to do so!!

That includes pouring in any liquids or trying to insert cotton buds or Q-tips. You may push bacteria further down your dogs ear canal or damage their eardrum or create a middle ear infection.

Also be wary of applying any home remedies to your dogs ears if they have any sores, open wounds or open scratches. Some ingredients in home remedies, such as cider or white vinegar, can sting and hurt your dog.

Other ingredients such as gentian violet, boric acid, are dangerous to your dog if it enters their system through their bloodstream. Ensure also that you dont use any products that may result in further allergies.

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A Look At How To Treat Dog Ear Infection

If you suspect your dog as an ear infection, to treat it you have to know what the cause of the infection is. Because there can be many factors involved such as allergies, illness, bacteria, fungal infection and so forth, a vet is the best person to accurately diagnose canine ear infection and suggest the best possible treatments that will suit your dog.

A vet may prescribe antibiotics, steroids, other medication, or recommend you buy an over the counter commercial product or give advice on using a natural or homeopathic treatment method. One of the products we recommend based on our own experience is the Pet King Brand Zymox Pet Ear Treatment.

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